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Chronicles of War

Volume 1

In 2055, two scavengers uncover a lost treasure hidden from the New United Empire (NUE). Discover a multitude of characters in this new story series which shows a drastic turn for the world after it has been taken over by an elite authoritarian technocracy. History is erased and any free people (the Forgotten), are hunted down by bounty hunters and assassins. Only the mysterious Revolutionary Gladiators dare challenge the NUE.


The Thieves' Code

A delinquent fourteen-year-old boy runs away from home to New York City after his father refuses to find the men who stole their savings. After he arrives, he allies with a thief who is indebted to a gangster. Together they work to find the investors, but only after they steal the world’s largest diamond, Cullinan I.


The Master Thief

A contemporary screenplay adapted from "The Master Thief" by Jacob and Wilheim Grimm.


More to come...

Original Stories

The writing process never ends. I am continuing to develop new stories of all genres. Stay tuned for more updates.

Projects: Scripts
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